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New mainline crawler van for DM Drainage

By Admin
Tuesday, March 4, 2014

vans for drain surveysWe are pleased to announce that in January we purchased our mainline crawler van.

The van benefits from Telespec/AM Industrial control unit, AM Industrial pan & rotate camera, Mainline Crawler with jack for pipes 225mm up to man entry, Midi crawler for 150mm pipes, AM Industrial cable drum with 300M of cable, Built in 5Kva generator, DVD recorder, Wincan reporting software.

In the rear of the van, we have the cable drum mounted rear monitor so the operatives can see the survey live, Hand wash sink with hot water, Road signs, Manhole keys, Gas monitor & Escape set aswell as PPE.

In the middle of the van (Office), there is the control unit with keyboard, Monitor, DVD recorder, Laptop with Wincan reporting software including extra mounted screen, Fire extinguisher and Fan heater.

drain surveying vans

The surveys are carried out from the office where the rig manager can record the survey, report the condition of the pipe and control the crawler speed/ direction and also control the pan & rotate camera. When the survey is complete the rig manager burns the survey to DVD and a copy of the report which is then handed into the office to check and process.

Before we purchased this van we were only able to carry out small surveys 100mm up to 300mm and maximum 100M length, but now we have the new van, we can survey 100mm up to man entry and maximum 300M in length which also widens our client network now that we can survey larger pipe diameters and longer lengths.

If you need advice regarding a drainage survey please contact us for information.

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